The Amber Room Organization - Our Mission

the Amber Room is a synonym for all artwork lost or stolen during WWII...

The Amber Room Organization was found in the 80s with the objective to investigate the remains of the Amber Room and other objects of art and culture missing since WWII. In the first years of our activities, our organization worked "under cover" without the help of the public, only using international archives, eyewitnesses and journalists. However, we have decided to make our knowledge public now, to inform about the latest developments and to ask for your help.
After many years of intensive investigation, we are convinced more than ever, that the Amber Room (and many other looted art work) are still hidden in secret caches of the former GDR. So far, we have evidence for the existence of about half a dozen of such secret caches and their exact location and we need your help to uncover these caches with the help of the latest technique, so the hidden assets can be returned to their rightful owners.
It was more than difficult to find out about all these secret caches and to the contrary, uncovering them is very easy but extremely cost intensive. The war criminals have done an excellent job and most of the caches are covered with tons of rocks that have to be removed. Applications have to be written, permits, certificates and analyses are needed, technical tests and the equipment itself has to be paid.
The Amber Room Organization cannot pay for all the costs involved. We want to thank you for all support we have received so far. Also we want to say thanks to all our members, who supported us and still do so with a great effort to help us brighten up this dark episode of history.
How can you help us?

1. by a donation to our organization
2. by purchasing our publications
3. by participating in our journeys
4. by becoming a member

and last by giving us clues you might have regarding this subject.
Your donation as well as clues you might have can be sent to us anonymously. We will inform on our web site about all future developments. We like to thank you for your kind attention and hope to finish the first recovering activities soon with your help!


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