We kindly ask for your support!

Please help us search and recover looted art work...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
it has many good reasons that we kindly ask for your support. Since 1987, we are searching for the Amber Room, whose name should be understood as a symbol for art and cultural assets lost or stolen during WWII.

We know as a result of the research of our team that the grounds of the former GDR (especially Thuringia and Saxony) hold several secret deposits, which have been created in the last months or weeks of World War II. The existence of these deposits is a fact according to documents, happenings and eyewitnesses.

Of course we do not know for sure, what exactly these deposits contain, but we are sure that their content is not "food" like stated by the drivers of the former transports.

The result of the investigation of the circumstances clearly show that the deposits contain art work.
We know the hiding place of the Amber Room but won't get into any discu

We can get the permissions to uncover the deposits and recover the material they contain, because the head mining office is as well interested in clearing these events. Also the minor government offices are open minded and positively interested.

Since 1987, our members spent each free minute for our investigations without ever getting paid for it. We will continue to do so.

We would like to kindly ask for your support. You can help in many different ways.

For example, if you should have equipment that you do not need anymore, please consider a donation. We are currently in the process of getting recognized as a tax deductible organization. Or participate in  one of our journeys, where you get to "feel and see" history of the last war " or simply by becoming a member of the AMBER ROOM ORGANIZATION.

The AMBER ROOM ORGANIZATION wants to thank you for your interest!

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