People and Organizations in search for the Amber Room

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Paul Enke ł author of "Bernsteinzimmer-Report"
Hans Seuffert ł worked with Enke and former "STASI"
Günter Wermusch author and Enkes editor
Georg Stein ł has been executed in a German forest

Baron Eduard von Falz-Fein

supported search for the Amber Room
Lost Art of Europe existed only a very short time
K.A.K.T.U.S. specialized on Thuringia and Saxony
Hans Stadelmann ł investigating in Weimar
Wolfgang Schneider author and co-worker of Stadelmann
Dietmar Reimann ł author of 3 books

Helmut Gänsel

search in Czechoslovakia
Phillip Maurice Remy author and TV producer
Gerhard Remdt author of "Rätsel Jonastal"
Reinhold Ostler ł author, believed in the Fischhorn theorie
Hans Jürgen Frank follows a story of his relatives
and of course the  
Amber Room Organization...  

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