Baron Eduard von Falz Fein from Lichtenstein
offered a $500000 finders fee for the Amber Room


Baron Eduard von Falz-Fein (born 1912) was the founder of the "Bernsteinzimmer-Klub" in 1970. His villa "Askania Nova" in Liechtenstein was the "Headquarter" of the Club. See what he has to say about that:

I was five years old when my grandfather invited my mother and me to his summer residence in   Zarskoje Selo. We went to the palace of the Zar with him, where we got to see the Amber Room. I was so fascinated that I still remember it clearly. After the war, I did not even know that the Amber Room was lost. In 1970, I was visited by the author Julian Semjonow. He had heard that I support the return of looted art to Russia and asked for help for his search. This is how the "Bernsteinzimmer-Klub" was born, in which each member should collect information in their field of knowledge and their country.

Georg Stein was our most active member and a special person. He visited me often and has even lived with me for a long time. Stein gave his life for the search for the Amber Room, which was the work of his life. The Nazis had killed his parents and he was looking for revanche. Maybe I could have prevented his death, because he was living with me short before. Than I had to leave to Berlin as a reporter of a Paris Sports Magazine and gave Stein a ride to Munich, where I left him with a bad feeling. Later in Berlin I heard about his death.

The "Bernsteinzimmer-Klub" does not exist anymore. Besides Günter Wermusch and Phillip Remy, with whom I am still in contact, all died already. I am 83 years now and have done enough for the treasure hunt. However, I still receive letters asking me for financial support. I have supported many in the past, because the Amber Room means muchh for Russia. Today, I do not finance anyone, but I am still willing to pay a finders fee. Hereby, I declare to pay $5000000 for the finder of the Amber Room...

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