Hans Stadelmann from Weimar
was investigating about the Gauzentrum Weimar

Stadelmann believes, the Amber Room was a part of the stolen art collection of Gauleiter Koch, but remained in Weimar. Since years he is investigating. As an eye-witness of WWII, he kept  some interesting memories. He is absolutely sure, that the cellars below the Gauforum in Weimar keep a secret. Unfortunately, the exploration of the site by different authorities did not bring up any positive results... Stadelmann also has hints about a treasure in a quarry of the concentration camp Buchenwald, which is known to the governement, but there is no action being taken. 

Please read his statement:

Germany has to support the searching for lost art treasures

1991 - a call - but an air bubble. Give back the Amber Room and we will know what happened to the treasure of Priamos, says Irina Antonowa, director of the Puschkin-Museum in Moskow and "big old lady" of the Russian World of museums. The treasure of Priamos was found, but what have the Germans done to find secret art deposits on German ground? Everything got listet, 200.000 art objects, 2 million books, 3.000 meters of archive material, - loot of World War II. in Russian possesion. Two World Wars did cost countless lifes, art and culture objects in the whole world have been destroyed. There was enough money for the war and to destroy, but today, each action to recover lost art fails because of missing money. German responsibles for culture and the whole German people got surprised by the message: Russian Parlament does not want to give back art loot anymore. Now my question to our responsible people for culture:

What did Germany do to give back art work and cultural assets, which have been brought to Germany from all ocupied countries, or to support the searching for lost art? Can everything get listed, what the Germans have stolen from eastern Europe? We should do our part for reparation.

Since 6 years I investigate in my free time in lost art. We do not get money for our investigations, but receive thanks and appreciation from the whole world. However, from our responsible people for culture, we get only laughing. Since years the media reports about our searching, not only on German TV. We are in contact with organizations inside and outside the county, have connections to American archives and Russian art experts report to us. This makes us strong. We are thankful for each information. Special thanks to the time witnesses, which told us their experiences. Nowhere is written, where one did hide something secret. We collect all the informations and are sure to be able to report about a success of our work. Many thanks to all the people who supported our work with hints and were with us during investigations.

Our call to the Russian Parlament: We will continue searching for "lost" Russian cultural assets in secret deposits on German ground, asking for the favour to please give back, what belongs into German museums and archives.

Hans Stadelmann - Weimar, 10th of July 1997

Hans Stadelmann died in 2015 after a long lasting illness. He dedicated his life to the search of looted art. We will always remember him!


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