Georg Stein - Fruit Farmer from Hamburg
got the "Vladimir-Orden" for the return of cultural assets to Russia

Stein was the most engaged in searching for the Amber Room and other art treasures and his biggest success was to convince the German government to return a church treasure to Russia, after locating it in Germany. He was the first West European to receive the Russian Vladimir-Orden. Last before he died he found out that the radio message regarding the execution of the successful hiding of the Amber Room reported by Gustav Wyst has been sent from Castle Lauenstein at the border of Thuringia. The castle was occupied by the RSHA Reichssicherheits-Hauptamt and one counterfeit money in the cellars and developed secret inks. They had a direct shortwave connection to Switzerland. Unfortunately, Stein died under mysterious circumstances in a forest in Southern Bavaria. He wanted to meet there with a "search competitor" and was found dead. Some people believe that he had commited suicide, but who would do such damages to the own body like opening the stomage? Besides, he would have never needed to travel to a meeting 300 miles away from his home only to commit suicide? He could have done so at home...

He had found the origin location of the radio message and maybe even the location of the Amber Room near Castle Lauenstein. Has someone made him pay the price...?

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