Brewery Ponarth in K�nigsberg

had been searched over and over again...

The former STASI of East Germany with Paul Enke had gotten an exact hint leading to a brewery in Ponarth, South of K�nigsberg. The boxes with the artwork were said to be in one of the cellar floors of the brewery. However, there were two breweries in Ponarth:

The "Actien-Gesellschaft Brauerei Ponarth" located in the Tuchmacherstra�e 20-22 and the "Actien-Brauerei Sch�nbusch", located in the Sch�nbuscher Stra�e 1-5.

The English newspaper �The Sunday Times" writes on August 24, 1969 that the brewery Sch�nbusch was ment. The former director, Mr. Franz Pohlenz, had left the secret to his neffew, who than told it to the English newspaper.

The brewery Sch�nbusch was located west of the railroad K�nigsberg-Berlin and had a direct connection to it, which made it suitable as deposit and transfer place for all kind of material. The reader of the report we published about the Amber Room told us he lived in Ponarth and was just 12 years old in 1945 when he witnessed people burrying things near the brewery.

The STASI had investigated much about Ponarth, so it was not hard to determine the role of the brewery Sch�nbusch. In 1944, the cellars and storage rooms had been used to store giant amounts of material which had been brought from the occupied regions of Russia.

The deposit in the brewery belonged to a special task of the "Reichsministers for the occupied East territories". This "special task" of the East Ministry was reason to beleive that it has not been used for the Amber Room. There were deep personal differences between the Ostminister Rosenberg and the Reichskommissar Koch. The STASI found out that typewriters had been burried...

Something else is contrary to a use of the brewery as a hiding place. The front lines from January to April 1945. The sovjet troups were just south of K�nigsberg and the Nazis knew that Russians would enfource these troups any moment.

Yet another trace of the Amber Room was leading to Ponarth. In February 1967 the Polish newspaper  �Dzennik Ljudowy" reported about the conversation of their corespondent with Gauleiter Erich Koch in jail. Koch would have said that �the Amber Room is hidden in Kaliningrad in a bunker under the old Polish Roman Catholic church of Ponarth". The church and bunker than was destroyed.

However, several things were wrong in this message. The church in Ponarth was evangelist and in 1945, it had never been destroyed. Until 1948, it remained the central evangelist church for the German population. The �Old Polish Roman Catholic Church" can only be the Steindammer church in the center of K�nigsberg. Eyewitnesses reported that the church was destroyed by an unexplainable huge blast in the first days of April, 1945.

The STASI soon checked the object and really found a statue of "god Amor" in the cellars of the ruin besides some other things. They carried small metal plates saying �Puschkin-Museum". The bunker under the Steindamm had probably been under or directly next to the church and was used as a deposit.

As long as the mystery about the Amber Room is not cleared, people will still follow all serious traces in K�nigsberg. The STASI found several artwork during their year long searching but never any trace of the Amber Room...

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