B-Dump Schmiedebach

the bunker under the B-Dump...


Directly near the former V-2 tube test plant Laura near Schmiedebach, there are several slate dumps which belong to the mine Laura and are named with capital letters. An eyewitness reported, that the SS had built an artificial concret bunker under the B-dump in which one could drive in with a truck. At end of war, it was observed how several trucks disappeared in the bunker. A short time later, a wild shooting happened between two SS-groups. After this, the entrance to the bunker was blasted.

Today, there are only two or three people in Lehesten who know about the story of the bunker. One says that this slate dump was called BSCH for B-dump Schmiedbach in the population, which fits to the mysterious radio message about the hiding of the Amber Room.#

The mentioned three people have been all asked about the story with matching results leading to the conclusion, that the bunker in the slate dump really exists. However, since further prove is available, it is very hard to locate the former entrance. Modern technique would be needed. The way leading from the camp "Laura" to the B-dump can still be recognized. If one follows the way to the dump, one comes to something like a platform, where we assume the former entrance to the bunker. Indeed, there are indications of the existance of a former entrance. It would be easy to reopen the entrance in only one day using a caterpillar.

The final evidence for the existence of this bunker is not found, but if someone would just invest a day of work and a caterpillar, the big mystery of the legendary Amber Room could be solved...

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